Here are Google's most searched gifts

Over-ear headphones.
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Google has released “The Holiday 100” list of gift recommendations based on search trends.

“Our search history isn’t limited to one genre, so neither are the products featured here; they span categories from apparel, home and beauty, to toys, wellness, crafts and electronics,” said the company.

While Google did not rank the list from lowest to highest, it did highlight five items first, including hydroponic gardens.

Here they are, with some of the most reasonable search results we could find (as of Wednesday):

Hydroponic gardens allow people to garden without soil. Crate & Barrel was selling its “Hyrdopod” on clearance for just under $17. It is usually $25.

“Grow fresh, fragrant basil with no need for soil – or even much space,” said the product description.

Over-ear headphones allow people to listen to their favorite music or podcasts without the risks of earbud use. Skullcandy was selling a pair for $49.99, usually priced $114.99. These have limited edition colors, a net zero carbon footprint, 36 hours of battery life and more features.

Interest in toddler bikes with training wheels went up 110% this year, said Google. While there are many bikes for kids over 4 years old, Retrospec offers the Cricket Baby Walker Balance Bike for 1 to 2-year-olds at a reasonable $49.99 through Amazon. It has a high customer rating and is available in a variety of colors.

Mini Belgian waffle maker interest also shot up this year – by 250%. Again, Crate & Barrel is offering a deal on this item. Its “Dash” mini waffle maker was going for just $12.95 Wednesday.

Finally, lug soled loafers are so hot right now. According to Google, interest in chunky versions of the classic shoes was higher this year than ever before seen by the search engine. Macy’s was offering a pair for women at a Black Friday price of $47.70, down from $79.50. A pair for men typically sold by ASOS for $37 was marked down to $29.60 for Black Friday.

Google’s list of the top 100 holiday gift items is organized into six categories: home and garden, apparel and accessories, gaming and electronics, beauty, toys and crafts, and health and fitness.

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