$600 additional unemployment benefit not here yet

UPDATE 3:10 p.m.: Louisiana Gov. John Bel Edwards says the state now has the money from the federal government, and the additional benefit will be available starting Monday, April 13.

The Louisiana Workforce Commission is dealing with a massive volume of unemployment applications, but officials say benefits usually start coming within a week. For many more, it will have to wait until the federal government's coronavirus bailout act filters down to the states.

Louisiana Workforce Commission secretary Ava Dejoie says they are handling claims under the state's unemployment insurance program for now.

"We don't have funding from the feds yet to be able to give out the $600 that everyone's talking about," said Dejoie, but she said even people who initially get rejected should check in regularly.

"They still need to go in and do their weekly certifications so that when we receive that federal funding, and our programming is done on our side, we can quickly get those deposits out," she explained.

Some people, such gig economy workers, independent contractors, and others who get their tax information on form 1099, won't be able to get benefits until the federal money arrives. Dejoie says they should still apply now, so their information will be in the system and the federal money will flow to them, as soon as it's available.

"That's why we're saying to 1099 people, 'we know that we sent you a determination that says you're monetarily ineligible, but continue to do your weekly certifications because that way, you're tee'd up."

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