Cantrell says she’ll close grocery stores if they don’t require masks


New Orleans Mayor LaToya Cantrell today called out what she says are “bad actors” with coronavirus mitigation -- singling out the Walmart in New Orleans East for doing a poor job of following guidelines for slowing the spread.

“They know, they’ve heard it from me: unacceptable,” Cantrell said Monday afternoon. “I’ve asked if they can’t get it together, we’ll have to close that store.”

Specifically, the mayor said there have been reports of numerous customers allowed in without masks or other nose and mouth coverings, and even some employees not wearing them.

“Everyone needs to follow the rules,” said Cantrell. “Residents are frequenting that establishment not wearing masks, as well as some employees.” 

The mayor said she took her issues to the company’s regional management.

“I have been assured that there will be compliance, and I’ve made it very clear that if not, that store would have to close,” Cantrell said.

The mayor said she does not want to limit options for New Orleanians, and would welcome the stores to reopen if they can assure the city that safe practices will be observed.