Convention Center "surge hospital" to serve coronavirus patients metro-wide

Convention Center

The temporary hospital being set up at the Convention Center isn't just for New Orleans residents. The "surge hospital" will help patients from across the metropolitan area.

"The governor and the mayor of New Orleans has talked about, and we're talking about, the federal resources that are coming down to the convention center," said Jefferson Parish President Cynthia Lee Sheng.  "That is great news for us in Jefferson parish, as well. This is going to be a regional asset for us, this is going to be a multi-parish asset." 

Sheng says patients from across the metro region will be treated at the convention center, under certain conditions. She said that will free up space for patients in need of an intensive care unit at a hospital.

"Patients who are at hospitals that are positive, who are able to-- they're not in critical care, but they're able to step down and be a level two type of care, that they will be able to go to the convention center and get they medical support they need," she said.