David Griffin: Zion Williamson not a savior, "This is Jrue Holiday's team."

"It's not going to be something where I want people to just expect this is instantaneous."

Pelicans Executive President David Griffin acknowledged the excitement around the drafting of Zion Williamson with the first pick of the NBA draft, but emphasized what Williamson's place on the team is and who is going to calling the shots.  

"Everything that we're doing from now is going to be about long-term sustainable success. This is Jrue Holiday's team."  

Griffin's quiet demeanor countered the boundless excitement displayed by fans and sports media over the Pelicans top pick, and the hope Williamson will carry the Pelicans to the NBA finals and a win.  Griffin's comments spelled out the roadmap the team will be taking.  

"This is not somebody who's supposed to be the savior of this franchise," Griffin said.  "This is a 19-year-old kid who's going to spend this year learning how to play winning NBA basketball."