Go do the Juju that you do


Former WWL-TV news anchor and WWL Radio talk show host Garland Robinette has branched out from portrait painting to folk art, combining the two for something unique.

Robinette has combined the west African tradition of the Juju doll with more traditional portraits. He says when his wife posted a few pictures of the paintings on social media, he began getting requests for the Juju portraits from around the world.

"It started out as just kind of fun, and my wife, who does a lot of social media put it on Instagram and others, and we started getting orders from Africa and Asia and Australia," Robinette told WWL's Scoot. "They wanted their children's portrait in the Juju doll, or they wanted something else that they'd commissioned."

Garland's works are currently being exhibited at the New Orleans Academy of Fine Arts on Magazine Street through March 30.  You can view Garland's "juju doll" series here:  https://www.robinettestudios.com/shop-juju-1