Do we need a national Trick-or-Treat Saturday?

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For many kids, Halloween often competes with Christmas as their favorite holiday, and why shouldn't it? Dressing up as monsters, superheroes, or whatever costume they like, staying out late, and raking in tons of free candy can almost hold its own against the celebration that is Christmas.

Except for one thing: Christmas comes with plenty of days off from school. Halloween, on the other hand, is only a day off from school if October 31 happens to land on a Saturday (let's face it, Sunday Halloween means you have to get up and go to school the next day, and who thinks that's fun?).

That's the logic behind the push to designate the last Saturday of October as the official day to celebrate All Hallow's Eve, backed by the Halloween and Costume Association, a trade group of companies involved in the manufacture, distribution, and sale of Halloween items. 

HCA member Allison Albert, founder and CEO of New Orleans-based Pet Krewe, says doing so will give kids (and possibly their parents) time to recover from their candy hangover.

"There were a lot of complaints from school teachers, either in regards to absentees or kids just having that sugar tank and that dip that they get after eating a whole bag of chocolates," Albert claims. 

Albert says Halloween can still be celebrated on the 31st, but they think this will add to the celebration.

"It's not a matter of moving Halloween off of October 31," Allison said. "I believe we can also agree that is sacrilegious. It is more about embracing the last Saturday of the month of October, in order to fully celebrate Halloween."

The group has started a petition, and has gathered 144,signatures so far.

Halloween this year falls on a Thursday.