JP president to require masks for indoor businesses


Jefferson Parish president Cynthia Lee Sheng says she does not like the rising COVID-19 cases she’s seeing in Jefferson -- and she’s instituting mandatory masks for people when they are doing business.

“I will sign an emergency proclamation effective Wednesday, July 1st, that it will be mandatory if you go into a business, you’re a patron or a customer going indoor to a business, to wear a mask or a face covering.”

Sheng says it will be the responsibility of businesses to enforce the rules, and turn away customers who don’t wear masks -- she says most businesses are already requiring masks, but a few have not.

Sheng said it applies to retail, bars and restaurants, doctors’ offices, and common areas of office buildings.

“These are common sense measures that the medical community widely agrees on, said Sheng. “The best tool to reduce the transmission of this virus is for everyone to wear masks.”