The GOP is two seats away from Super Majority in the state House

State Capitol
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The GOP won several house seats in Saturday's election held by a Democrat, and now Republicans are two seats away from capturing a Super Majority in the state House.  

“There are thirteen House seats that are last held by a Democrat or an Independent, but that President Trump carried in 2016 and Republicans this election cycle have already picked up eight," Dr. Michael Henderson, assistant professor at the LSU Manship School of Mass Communication.  "Democrats have managed to hold on to three."

Henderson says if Republicans win the 50th House district seat in St. Mary Parish and the 62nd in East Feliciana and on hold on to the seats they already have, they’ll have the 70 needed for a supermajority. 

Henderson says in the 62nd district Johnny Arceneaux is looking to defeat incumbent Roy Adams, who is an Independent. 

“Now, Republicans have not had as easy of a time flipping districts when they are running against an incumbent.  In fact, two Democrats on Saturday were able to beat back Republican challengers,” Henderson noted.  

Republicans have already achieved a supermajority as the picked up two additional seats in the Senate.

“Especially matter on pieces of legislation that might have more of a partisan theme, because the Republicans would probably have an easier time maintaining party unity,” Henderson said.