Nearly half of U.S. workers have a side job

Almost half of workers in the country make ends meet by having an extra job, according to  What was once known as moonlighting, back in the day, and was frowned upon, has now become quite the norm.   

Reasons for that second job range from earning extra income to boosting savings, or just having some discretionary income.  

"It's becoming increasing popular and common," said Dale Klamfoth, Executive Director, Career Management Center, at the AB Freeman School of Business at Tulane, who says it's happening at all phases of one's career, although its the millennials are most likely to have that second job,  then Gen Xers, followed by Baby Boomers.  

Is this a trend that will continue with more people having an extra job on the side?  

"I think it is and some work is going to be more project-oriented, particularly things in the IT area, so if a company needs it set up an IT system, that could be a gig," said Klamfoth who says that extra job could even pay well.  

And for many, they are more passionate about their side job than their regular job.

"They are in more control," Klamfoth noted.  "For example if you take Uber drivers, they are more control the time and the hours.  I've had a lot of Uber drivers tell me how excited they are to learn about areas of the city they never knew existed."