New Orleans Sewerage & Water Board wants to stop rain before it hits drain

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New Orleans Sewerage and Water Board wants people to rethink drainage, and do more to capture water before it goes into the street.

"Our climate is changing, and our approach as a city must change with it," said Sewerage and Water Board director Ghassan Korban.

Korban said homeowners can help by adding features to their yards designed to trap or absorb rain water, and use rain barrels to capture water and use it for watering lawns and gardens when its dry.

"We are trying to account as much as possible for every raindrop that falls on New Orleans," he said.

We can all do our part to help our beloved New Orleans manage its rain water. Join us and our partners at @GNOFoundation and @Cityofnola this morning to learn what you can do, because “Every Drop Makes a Difference” when it comes to reducing flooding in our city. @SWBNewOrleans

— The City Of New Orleans (@CityOfNOLA) June 9, 2020