Protesters haul John McDonogh statue from Duncan Plaza to river, throw it in

Protesters rallying in Duncan Plaza Saturday afternoon tore down a bust of John McDonogh, hauled it to the Mississippi River near Jax Brewery, and threw it in.

Protestors, in a demonstration following the Pride Motorcade, took down the John McDonough bust in Duncan Plaza using a rope, skateboard and chisel? #nolaprotest

— Roe (@row_yr_boat) June 13, 2020

McDonogh was a businessman from Baltimore who made his fortune in shipping and later land ownership in New Orleans. McDonogh was a slaveowner and had a reputation as a slumlord. Upon his death, he willed hundreds of thousands of dollars to the city for the construction of public schools.

Statues of McDonogh and schools named after him have been targets for removal and renaming.

Another statue of a slave owner relocated to a more appropriate venue. Bye John McDonogh!

— TVDP (@sensitivepapi) June 13, 2020

The New Orleans Police Department says it apprehended two people involved.