Drew Brees messed with Joe Brady after recognizing one of LSU's plays


When LSU passing game coordinator Joe Brady joined the Tigers after spending some time on the Saints coaching staff, he brought some of the plays New Orleans ran with him. 

So naturally the Tigers offense which is shattering school records, looks very familiar to Drew Brees, who’s run that offense for the last 14 years.

Brees said he’s able to recognize some of the plays Brady and LSU offensive coordinator Steve Ensminger have called during some of the Tigers’ games this season and after one game he decided to mess with Brady about it.

When LSU played Florida, Drew Brees was rehabbing his thumb in the training room with Saints director of Sports Medicine Beau Lowery. Brees said the two were watching the game and he noticed a particular formation. The Tigers scored on that play and Brees asked Lowery to praise Brady for the play call. 

“I said ‘Hey! Text Joe Brady right now and say ‘Hey, great job checking to a certain play vs. a certain coverage, a certain look. That was a great call,’” Brees said. “Of course, after the game he gets a text from Joe Brady saying ‘How do you know what that’s called?’ So we kind of had this back and forth.” 

Lowery eventually revealed that Brees gave him the info and had a laugh about it.

Brees said he’s glad to see Brady having success at LSU.

“I think they are doing everything pretty well,” Brees said. “They’ve got a really good offense. Because they’ve got a very good quarterback who’s making great decisions. The RPO game is hard to defend. Especially, with that running back, who looks just like Mark Ingram, by the way, and obviously a wealth of riches at receiver. Guys that can make a ton of plays so they are scoring points.”