Did new shoes affect a superstitious Saint?

The 5-1 Saints have been finding ways to win without Hall-Of-Fam quarterback Drew Brees in the lineup. We’ve witnessed the defense stepping up and showing out, while punter Thomas Morstead has been pinning the opposition deep in their own territory on special teams. 

Meanwhile, the offense has had its moments with Teddy Bridgewater leading the way.  He was able to torch Tampa’s defense for 4 touchdowns, but inaccuracy was an issue in Jacksonville. Bridgewater was not able to connect with wide open receivers Michael Thomas and Ted Ginn Jr. for touchdowns in a tight game against the Jaguars. What is the Saints signal caller working on cleaning up this week?

“I think for the most part just being consistent and continuing to trust my process and routine. I think last week, I did something a little different that wasn't like me. Well, I changed my shoes, so I’m superstitious,” Bridgwater said laughing.  “Just continue to trust the process. You can't get fascinated with the success. You have to be fascinated with the process and the routine that you’ve established.”

That process has proven to be effective. When Brees went down, most analysts left the Saints for dead in the NFC.  But, they are now going for a 5th straight win this Sunday at 3-2 Chicago. 

“It just shows this is a team that’s determined to win and do whatever it takes,” Bridgewater said. “You look at how well we're playing on defense, how well we're playing in the kicking game, and we're trying to get better on offense. When you look at the overall picture, we are playing great team football. I think offensively, we are doing a great job of protecting the football and not turning it over. Defensively, holding our opponents to field goals, and preventing them from scoring touchdowns. In the kicking game, we're playing the games on our opponent’s side of the field. When you look at that, it is like, man, the outcome should be in our favor and you when you look at a scoreboard we have been winning football games.”

To be safe, I’m sure superstitious Who Dats would like Bridgewater to go back to wearing his old shoes and ditching the ones he had on last game.