Orgeron: LSU looking for the 'right fit' at defensive coordinator


LSU football coach Ed Orgeron officially introduced the Tigers new offensive and passing game coordinators Wednesday.

LSU, however, is still searching for its next defensive coordinator after parting ways with Bo Pelini after the 2020 season but Orgeron said Wednesday that he has “feeling of who it’s going to be.”

“The priority for me was getting the right guys on offense because that’s not my specialty,” Orgeron said. “I knew that I could wait and get the right guys on defense and I think we are going to get ‘em… I know we are going to get ‘em.

“I have a feeling of who it’s going to be. I just have to be patient and wait ’til the right time.”

Orgeron said the Tigers have two other coaching vacancies on defense, safeties and defensive line or linebackers, but that he wants to have a coordinator in place first.

“We’ve interviewed some outstanding guys, it just wasn’t the right fit,” Orgeron said “Either it wasn’t the right fit for me, it wasn’t the right it for them. maybe too far away from home or stuff like that. But we did go after the top guys that were available. But we do have a couple of guys that were special I just have to wait until the right time.”