Deuce: More picks likely make Saints' 2021 roster


Former New Orleans Saints running back and current WWL Radio analyst Deuce McAllister joined Sports Talk Thursday night and discussed the Saints options in this upcoming NFL Draft.

McAllister told host Kristian Garic that he wouldn't be surprised if the Saints traded one or two of their scheduled eight draft picks but expects the team to select players that can help New Orleans compete for a playoff spot.

"You will have more draft picks probably make this team, and that's for a couple of reasons," he said. "One, you have to get some cheaper guys as far as to be able to fill out that roster. And two, they're not as deep.

"The last couple of years, they were so deep that it was going to be tough for a draft pick to make this team."

McAllister said he think several undrafted rookie free agents will have a "legitimate chance" to make the roster as well.

"Just because of some of the guys that they had to release," he said. "And you have to try to replace some of that talent."

With a lower salary cap the Saints release several players that were key to their success in 2020 including cornerback Janoris Jenkins and receiver Emmanuel Sanders.

McAllister also told Garic that he wouldn't be surprised to see the Saints select a running back as well.

"I expect them to, at least if they have a guy graded high enough and they like that player, I expect them at some point to get a back," he said. "Now you're probably talking probably fourth-sixth round.  Somewhere in there, the latter part of the draft. Definitely not a first, second or third."

Listen to more of McAllister's thoughts on the upcoming draft below: