Alabama tourist writes a scorching letter to Mayor Cantrell about city’s blight, homelessness, and stench

David C. Webb visited New Orleans this past weekend and had an ‘eye-opening’ experience while in the city.

He and his family are from Alabama and traveled to New Orleans for his 16-year-old son to participate in a traveling baseball tournament over the weekend.

As part of their trip, Webb says he and his family made time to visit Canal St, Bourbon St, French Market, Riverboat, Cafe Du Monde, the Riverwalk, Aquarium, and Jackson Square.

What Webb says he saw and experienced in New Orleans was anything but pleasant.

He was so distraught over the blight and overall crumbling decay of the city, that it compelled him to write an open letter to Mayor LaToya Cantrell.

“First, the blight you have in the downtown area is unfathomable. Entire huge buildings off of I-10 are eyesores, and the first thing visitors see driving into the City,” Webb said in his letter to Cantrell.

“Second, the stench is horrific. There’s always been that sewage/garbage smell associated with the old sections of New Orleans. Such smells we’ve picked up on as a kid while visiting. And we understand why it’s like that.”

Webb continues, “But there’s one problem now that knocks ya down almost as soon as you get out of your car: WEED. Marijuana. Dope. However, you want to call it. It’s absolutely disgusting. Visitors and locals are smoking that trash in plain view, out in the open, on the streets, in front of kids, families, and your police.”

Webb goes on to list the lack of attention to the city’s homeless community and urges Mayor Cantrell to react to his letter, hoping she will respond with solutions to the issues he points out in his letter.

“Tourism is NOLA’s bread and butter. If you don’t act now, and you let this mess continue, things will deteriorate for your wonderful City. Have some pride, be a leader, and address this now before it’s too late," said Webb.

The open letter can be read in its entirety in the Facebook post below.