Scoot: Behavior expectations for men at the gym becomes new front in culture war

Woman at gym
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Conservative talk show host Ben Shapiro says that if women don't want unwelcome glances from men when they are working out - they should go to an all-female gym.

Is it wrong for men to glance at women? Whether it's a health club or the workplace - men aren't sure how to act or what to do, but in the post #MeToo era, they'd better figure it out. The discussion we had on the air today brings awareness to the questions we all face.

We also talked about the difference between a glance and an inappropriate stare. Nobody can help noticing with their eyes who is around them - but when does a glance become too much? When does a friendly greeting or a genuine compliment run the risk of being received as a creepy come-on?

Listeners on the WWL text line had plenty to say about it. A sampling:

“It's nice to have men do a quick glance but multiple glances are annoying and stares are totally inappropriate! And don't stare at my chest when you talk to me!”

“I wear yoga pants and workout clothes to the gym because I want to be comfortable. I don't want comments, compliments or stares from anyone.”

“There's a big difference in glancing, looking, acknowledging somebody, and Leering at someone! Everybody, men, women love to have somebody acknowledge that they look good smile at them say something nice, but to have somebody ogle at you or leer at you with some creepy face is unacceptable.”

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