Businessman’s support for recall campaign shows no love lost for LaToya

Businessman’s support for recall campaigns shows no love lost for LaToya
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New Orleans Business man Richard Farrell has donated an additional half-million dollars to, the group looking to recall Mayor LaToya Cantrell.

The money will be used for advertising and canvassing voters and the expenses to run the recall effort. recently filed a report on the money and how it would be spent. says they’ve taken in nearly $1.2 million dollars so far toward their effort recall the Mayor.

A sizable chunk that cash came from Farrell, a onetime Cantrell campaign donor who has broken ranks to become an outspoken critic of Cantrell.

The Times-Picayune/New Orleans Advocate reports Farrell has donated $570,000 between January and the first part of March. That money amounted to roughly more than 90% of the recall campaigns income.

Of the $1.2 million raised since the campaign got going in earnest last summer, reportedly 92% of their money came from Farrell.

As a Republican, and despite once being a close ally of Cantrell’s, he has not escaped pointed comments from the Mayor.

Cantrell, speaking at a press conference, said Farrell was a leading donor to President Donald Trump’s 2020 presidential campaign.

The paper says there may be a need for more financial assistance from Farrell as both co-chairs Eileen Carter and Belden Batiste face a lawsuit from Cantrell over the deal struck with the Secretary of State to lower to threshold numbers needed to trigger a recall.

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