WWLTV’s Chef Kevin Belton shares tips to cooking the perfect turkey

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Cooking a turkey for Thanksgiving does not have to be difficult as WWLTV’s Chef Kevin Belton shares his easy turkey cooking tips with WWL’s Tommy Tucker.

Chef Kev says, you don’t need fancy cookware to bake a bird in the oven.

“You don’t have to get a rack… you don’t have to get fancy. You can actually cut up a few onions, maybe take a few stalks of celery…put that at the bottom of your pan… that is going to give you flavor,” says Chef Kev. “The other thing you can also do is take some sheets of foil paper and kind of…crinkle those into, like, a roll and place those at the bottom of your pan. That just keeps the turkey up off the bottom of the pan.”

If you have apples or oranges, Chef Kev suggests cutting them in half and stuffing them in the cavity of the turkey then let it bake.

Chef Kev also says if you didn’t get a turkey by now it will not thaw in time for your Thanksgiving spread.

“If you can’t get a fresh turkey, just totally stay away from turkey now… because a turkey takes three or four days to defrost so if its frozen, it is not going to get done,” said Chef Kev. “So you are better off cooking a chicken. And you can do the same thing with a couple of chickens that you would with a turkey.”

He also says the pop-up thermometer on the turkey works, but you do better using a cheap probe meat thermometer instead.