Homeless encampment dismantled, tents and more trashed

Photo credit WWL

Crews today tore down another tent city in New Orleans and put dozens of homeless people in housing.

Workers uses garbage trucks, front end loaders, dump trucks and other equipment.  They scooped up and hauled off tents, cots, tables, chairs, coolers and many other things from the homeless encampment.

Officials also posted no trespassing signs and declared that the tent city will not return to Tchoupitoulas Street at Calliope.

Authorities said they had found housing for about 30 of the people that had been living in the encampment.

This is the latest in a series of efforts to get homeless individuals in a home and clean up the tent cities across New Orleans.

A $15 million HUD grant and partnership with the group Unity helped move this effort forward.

Featured Image Photo Credit: WWL