Louisiana COVID numbers now better than the national average

Photo credit Getty

The data shows the state’s COVID numbers have finally returned to the mid-summer plateau that was experienced before the Delta variant took off. This definitive end to the Delta surge played a major role in Governor John Bel Edwards’ decision to lift the statewide indoor mask mandate starting Wednesday.

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State Health Officer Dr. Joe Kanter said only 323 people remain hospitalized with COVID after the state peaked at 3,022 in mid-August.

“We have essentially recovered the losses we experienced during the surge in terms of the number of people getting sick and hospitalizations,” said Kanter. “All of that is very, very encouraging.”

Kanter said some key metrics have dropped precipitously over the last two months.

“Right now there are no parishes in the state above 10% positivity, there’s only 11 parishes that have between 5-10% positivity, and there is 53 parishes that have below 5% positivity,” said Kanter. “We peaked the first week of August with 19% of all ER visits being attributable to COVID-like symptoms, that is a giant, giant percentage. That number is now down to 1.7%.”

At one point Louisiana was the epicenter of America’s Delta outbreak. Now? We’re doing better than most states when it comes to COVID.

“We have less new cases day by day than the national average, we have a lower percent positivity than the national average, we have less people being admitted to the hospital day by day than the national average, and we have less people in the hospital with COVID at any point in time than the national average,” said Kanter.

New Orleans’ city-wide indoor mask mandate will remain in place until further notice.