Remains found in alligator identified as Slidell man

Photo credit Getty Images

St. Tammany Parish medical examiners have identified human remains found in the digestive system of a 12-foot alligator caught and killed last week as those of Timothy Satterlee, Sr.

Satterlee's wife reported the alligator attack on her husband the day after Hurricane Ida. Satterlee had gone into the shed underneath his elevated home on the Avery Drive near Slidell on August 30 to check on some belongings. When Mrs. Satterlee heard a commotion, she went to the shed to find the alligator attacking her husband in the floodwater that was beneath their home.

After pulling her husband out of the water, sheriff's officials said Mrs. Satterlee applied a tourniquet to her husband where the reptile had bitten off his arm. She then had to leave her husband behind at the home as she sought help, because the storm had knocked out phone service. When emergency officials arrived, Mr. Satterlee was gone.

About two weeks later, wildlife officials spotted a 12-foot alligator vie a surveillance drone and captured and killed the beast. A dissection reveled human remains in the animal's digestive tract.