Saia's cow stolen in Mandeville, recovered on lakefront

Photo credit STPSO

Someone cow-napped the iconic Saia's statue from the Super Meat Market on Florida Street in Mandeville Thursday night. It was recovered this morning.

The store owners posted, "Saia’s iconic cow was 'cow-jacked' last night and the Mandeville Police Department found it resting peacefully on the Lakefront."

They say it was unharmed and safely returned to where it belongs - in front of Saia’s.

The cow has been there for 46 years.

The St. Tammany Parish Sheriff's Office posted that the store owner decided not to press charges in the matter, but warned, "He may not be so forgiving to the next heisters."

STPSO reports that the "kids" who stole the cow  "even added air to her tires before they gently rolled her away for a night out on the town. She was unharmed, and found in good spirits."

Featured Image Photo Credit: STPSO