Sneaux? Neaux!

Photo credit Jesse Walker/Getty Images

Temperatures are expected to plunge this weekend, and there's a possibility of snow in the deep south! But around here? Fuhgeddaboudit!

"Some of the models are hinting there could be some flurries in the extreme northern end of the Florida parishes," said Barry Keim, Louisiana State Climatologist. "But it's going to be a stretch to get it all the way into New Orleans and have it survive the heating of Lake Pontchartrain."

Keim says no one around here will be building any snowmen. Any flurries would be closer to the Mississippi line of northern Tangipahoa and Washington parishes, and nothing is expected to stick to the ground.

One thing for certain, said Keim, is it will be bitterly cold.

"Temperatures perhaps down into the 30s once the front pushes through, it will probably be in the upper 30s," Keim said, "though, I think too warm for really serious wintry precip here."