Street renaming commission asks public for opinions in today's meeting

Capdeville St., named for Paul Capdevielle, former Mayor of New Orleans and Confederate Army soldier, is one of dozens of streets targeted for re-naming. Photo credit Chris Miller, WWL

The New Orleans City Council Street Renaming Commission meets today. They are looking for public input.

The street renaming commission first began meeting in the summer, going over dozens of streets and public places, and dozens more suggestions for new names.

"Our expert panel has been working hard as usual," said commission chairman Karl Connor. The commission today presents the initial report for public comment.

It includes suggestions to rename Lee Circle Leah Chase Circle, and to rename Robert E Lee Boulevard after Allan Toussaint.

The city council directed the commission to identify and rename streets, parks, and other public places that honor people who fought against the Union in the Civil War, or advocated limiting civil rights of Black people after the war.

That mandate would exclude Jackson Square, named after Andrew Jackson, commanding general during the Battle of New Orleans and seventh President of the United States.

The commission meets virtually at 3:00 p.m.

Click here to submit public comment.

Click here to watch live on the New Orleans City Council's YouTube channel.