COVID vaccine clinical trials underway for pregnant women and children

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Clinical trials are now underway for pregnant women and children for the COVID vaccines. Medical Director of MedPharmics Dr. Robert Jeanfreau said they are looking to recruit participants.

“Obviously when you’re involving the fetus, you have the weigh the risks versus the benefits and there are risks and benefits to everything we do,” said Jeanfreau.

Jeanfreau said while some pregnant women were in the initial clinical trials for the vaccines, they need to have more participants for a more accurate study, and he said so far the data indicates the vaccines are during pregnancy.

“And this is how we definitively prove safety is by doing these studies but based on what we have so far it seems reasonably safe,” said Jeanfreau.

They are searching for children 6 months all the way to 17 years old for the Moderna trial and pregnant women for the Pfizer trial.

“The gestational age is 24 to 34 weeks. It’s two doses and we’re looking for 4,000 healthy pregnant women,” said Jeanfreau.

To see if you qualify visit or call 504-457-2721.

Featured Image Photo Credit: Getty Images