LISTEN: Expert says citizens who ignore COVID warnings are "playing Russian Roulette"

COVID patient
Photo credit Getty Images | John Moore/Staff

With the COVID-19 case-rate still growing in Louisiana, the state health officer Dr. Joe Kanter urged residents to take the virus seriously because it’s unpredictability in how it manifests in each individual could prove very costly for some.

And for the more cavalier risk-takers out there who are betting that a person’s COVID outlook rests solely on their list of pre-existing conditions, Kanter warned that underlying issues are not always the reason people with COVID come to a bad end.

“It’s very strange. There’s not a lot of diseases that are like this,” Kanter told Newell Normand on WWL Radio. “We don’t know why. Some people do fine. Most people do relatively fine. But not everyone, and some people get awfully sick and die for reasons we don’t understand. And they don’t all have co-morbidities.”

Kanter said that while the recovery rate is high, there’s still a chance for everyone who contracts the coronavirus that they may not make it through to see the other side.

“If you’re going to go get COVID, it’s like playing Russian Roulette,” Kanter said. “The odds are you’re going to be fine but that’s not absolute, and there’s some chance you’re not. I’m not willing to take that chance with me or my family, and I don’t think other people would either if they really understood those dynamics.”

Louisiana reported another 5,550 new COVID cases on Thursday alone, according to the New York Times COVID Tracker. Unvaccinated patients account for over 90% of all COVID hospitalizations in the state.