Recall leaders respond to Cantrell campaign allegations, call them lies

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Eileen Carter says the Cantrell claims that "the recall effort to undermine and discredit the first Black woman Mayor of New Orleans is quickly being exposed as a Republican-backed maneuver by people with an agenda," could not be further from the truth.

"Why lie on your residents and to your residents? Sad. Beldon & I are both black," Carter replied. "This is not a race issue. It’s a job performance issue."

Recall Chair Belden Batiste ran for mayor as a registered Democrat.

Carter said no one has given them any money as of now.

"We are grassroots (no money to date)…The divisiveness is one reason we filed the recall -  New Orleans cannot take THREE MORE YEARS! Sign it!," Carter said on Twitter.

She told WWL First News that allegations of "a conservative DC firm... signed on to lead the effort" are just not true.

"Lies and garbage," Carter calls it. "New Orleans we are better than this and we deserve better representation."

She says Cantrell's PAC has "money to create lies… Watch them."

Multiple reports say Action New Orleans Chairperson Maggie Carroll wrote the Cantrell response to the recall.

Action New Orleans' web site says, "Our mission is focused on helping the Cantrell administration address challenges that have been neglected for generations in the City of New Orleans."

Carroll served as Cantrell's campaign manager. Click below for more of the Cantrell response to the recall...

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