The Brehmer Vacation Margarita Smoothie

Cocktails on the beach

When the beloved Brehmer brudders get together on vacation, we have certain traditions. After a hard day on the beach, we take our cocktail hours seriously. As a designated family member prepares dinner, evil brother David mixes up pitchers of frozen margaritas. With liquid courage, we take up our instruments. A banjo, a mandolin, a couple of guitars and get all 'O brother where are thou' on ya.

Family jam

But for a night at home, you need a recipe for just you and a special strong drinker. 

The Brehmer Vacation Margarita Smoothie for Two

Fill a blender with 5 ounces of tequila you like,

about the same amount of frozen limeade,

a splash of Grand Marnier,

1 ounce of orange juice. Put in enough ice to come to the level of the liquid. Blend ferociously.

Pour into frosty cocktail glass.

Garnish with slice of fresh lime.

Bring paradise into a finer focus.​