Kacey Musgraves Joins Judah & The Lion for Solemn New Song “Pictures”

Their vocals combine to tell the story of heartbreak

Judah & The Lion is finally delivering on their promise of becoming a country band from Nashville. In a melancholic new track from their upcoming album Pep Talks, the group enlists the help of 6-time GRAMMY winner Kacey Musgraves.  

Pictures” tells the story of a failed relationship, using Kacey’s syrupy vocals to create a call-and-answer duet that perfect blends their earnest voices together. “Just another sad song / of a love gone wrong / I hate that I’m taking our pictures off the walls” Judah Akers sings before a banjo bridge serves an introduction for Kacey to come in.

The sorrow-soaked track follows the theme of honest and vulnerable tracks from Judah & The Lion. “I've felt like for most of the past 5 years I've been drowning in my own thoughts,” Judah previously explained of his mindset while writing their upcoming album.

In a statement, Judah explained that the track stemmed from the pain of divorce in his family. “I had a really deep moment with my mom when she called me and broke down bawling about how hard it was to move from our family house. I wrote the song from her perspective.”

Watch the official video above.