Artist to Artist: Hayley Williams Asks Radiohead's EOB How to Keep Creative Inspiration

Both Williams and EOB will release solo albums this year

Paramore singer Hayley Williams and Radiohead guitarist Ed O’Brien have a few things in common. Both are a part of landscape-shifting, ground-breaking bands; forever leaving their mark on generations to come. Their imprint is forever felt, inspiring countless others to take a piece of what they’ve built and make it their own.

Both have also recently chosen to step outside of their iconic groups to say something solo. For Williams it’s Petals For Armor, arriving everywhere on May 8. For Ed he’s releasing music under the name EOB, dropping his own debut, Earth, on April 17. Paramore and Radiohead remain, but both artists will offer a different look in 2020.

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During our talk with Hayley Williams, we asked her if she had any questions for EOB, and her thoughts turned to inspiration. A longtime fan of O’Brien and his band, she wanted to know what still lights the creative fire after years of success.

“Do you ever feel like, ‘when is enough enough?’ Or do you ever feel like there’s a point where you’re afraid that the inspiration will go stale or that the music will just not feel inspired anymore?” Hayley asks in the exclusive RADIO.COM video above.

“I think about this with my bandmates a lot and we talk a lot about how we’ve been able to make multiple albums that we feel so proud of, more and more as we go along. But when’s the moment that it runs out? I just want to hear from someone that I admire about the same thing.”

It’s an amazing question from two artists that are currently overflowing with inspiration. You can check out the full answer from EOB in the video above.

Both Hayley Williams and EOB will kick off their own tours this May.

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