Migrants arrive at Woodlawn shelter despite attempt to block their buses

Wadsworth Shelter
The Wadsworth Shelter. Photo credit Brandon Ison

CHICAGO (WBBM NEWSRADIO) — Buses carrying migrants arrived Thursday at a former elementary school in Woodlawn that’s now being called the Wadsworth Shelter.

Louis Cardona, a nearby resident, said he opposes the former school’s use as a migrant shelter.

“We weren’t going to … let the bus come in,” he said. “They’ve been trying to hide when they’re coming in.”

Cardona told WBBM that he stood in front of one of the first arriving buses.

“The driver stopped right away,” he said. “They weren’t going to take a chance of moving anyway. They said, ‘No.’ She just put it in park and called her supervisor. The rest of the police called their supervisor. The people from the mayor’s office came down here.”

Cardona, joined by one other person, held his ground and said he told police he was willing to go to jail over the bus’ arrival.

“They made ’em back up and come in through the other way,” he said. “We’re gonna do what we gotta do. We’re taxpayers.”

Cardona, whose own parents migrated from Puerto Rico, said he has his doubts about the vetting process when it comes to who is being allowed to stay at the shelter. The greatest issue he has with the migrant shelter in his neighborhood, though, is that the City went forward with the plans despite strong opposition, he said.

Chicago police will make regular visits to the shelter, and 24/7 security will be provided by the City.

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Featured Image Photo Credit: Brandon Ison