Priscilla Block Reveals Why Taylor Swift Changed Her Life

Priscilla Block Stops By Coop's Rockin' Country Saturday Night

Priscilla Block may have BLOWN UP on TikTok thanks to her smash hit "Just About Over You" but according to her, she has Taylor Swift to thank for her staying in Nashville and keeping her dreams set in her sights.
During our chat on Rockin' Country Saturday Night Priscilla says she was at her end, and she was talking to her sister about moving back home, when she was stopped by a vehicle passing by.

The vehicles occupant...none other than Taylor Swift! Priscilla was wearing one of her favorite Taylor T-Shirt's and Taylor made it a point to stop and tell her what an awesome shirt it was. From that moment on, Priscilla knew she had to keep chasing her dreams!

Priscilla has her first EP out now and it's LOADED with killer songs, my personal favorite being "Sad Girls Do Sad Things"

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