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Playing baseball's all fun and games, but if you really want to perfect this classic sport, proper training is the key to your success. And while a personal training coach could really do wonders, that may not be in your budget these days.

Whether you're training for fun or are serious about becoming a professional ballplayer, this Revolutionary Cognitive Sports Training Software, known as GameSense, is exactly what you need to take your skills to the next level — and it's way more affordable than a personal coach. And unlike more traditional training methods, this training program focuses on more than just the mechanics of things. In fact, it goes in-depth into how to read different plays, including pitches, allowing you to improve your hitting, make quick split-second decisions, and more.

GameSense is a world-renowned learning tool, created by sports science experts to help improve the pitches, swings, and general plays of baseball and softball players of varying levels in the most effective ways possible. With the program, you'll have access to thousands of specialized real live-action HD videos that you can play on any mobile device, giving you expert instruction whenever you need it. Over time, you'll build a database full of stats and tips you can dip into when it matters most.

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Used by MLB organizations, 130 colleges, and even Olympic teams, GameSense is one of the greatest tools ballplayers have at their disposal to improve their game significantly. And with regular use, you can bet you'll be hitting better and faster than before, in addition to recognizing different pitches and assessing plays. And when paired with GameSense's accompanying programs, you can actually work your way up to taking real assessment tests to see how much you've improved over time.

From its fun practice drills to its thousands of helpful downloads, players of all levels are using the Revolutionary Cognitive Sports Training to improve their game and become infinitely better athletes. You can choose from a three-year subscription, now just $97.99, or opt for the lifetime access option, now 75% off at just $119.99.

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