Trey Wingo: Mac Jones' start with Patriots similar to Tom Brady's in 2001


New England Patriots quarterback Mac Jones is under immense pressure to follow in Tom Brady's footsteps and resemble a championship-caliber leader. So far, the rookie hasn't disappointed, as he's completed 73.9-percent of his passes and yet to commit a turnover through two games.

At this point in time, most of the comparisons between Jones and Brady are simply futile. But former ESPN host and current Pro Football Network analyst Trey Wingo believes that Jones' start is reminiscent of Brady's, back in 2001.

"He looks a lot like Brady did in his first couple of games with the Patriots," Wingo told The Zach Gelb Show on Wednesday. "And that's weird for people to hear, because they think of Brady as we know him now. But in 2001, the Brady we know now wasn't that Brady. He was a guy who Bill Belichick and the coaching staff brought along very slowly. They used a very conservative gameplan because they had a real good defense, lot of underneath throws...

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