With hiring of Cochran, Kirby has no more excuses 


When Kirby Smart first got to Georgia he tried to lure Alabama strength and conditioning coach Scott Cochran. Smart was unsuccessful, but now that’s all changing.

Cochran has reportedly agreed to leave Alabama for an “on-field coaching” position with Smart and the Dawgs.

Carl asked after the Cochran hiring what excuse is there now for UGA?

“Arguably the most important part about Alabama football beyond Nick Saban is leaving to come to Georgia,” Dukes said. “All the things that Georgia has ever wanted they now have, including the guy that has helped Alabama win all those national championships in the weight room. So what excuse is there?”

Mike said UGA now has everything Alabama has ever had.

“He’s got an opening for one field spot. It appears Kirby is using it to bring in his good friend Scott Cochran,” Bell said. “There really are no excuses for Kirby. He’s got almost everything now, he’s got everything Alabama had including their strength and conditioning coordinator.”