Anthopoulos on Braves' 5th rotation spot: 'We're going with the hot hand'


Atlanta Braves general manager Alex Anthopoulos joined Dukes & Bell to talk about the pennant race the team is in and what the starting rotation will look like over the final 20 games of the season.

Anthopoulos shared insight when asked about what the starting rotation will look like as we near the playoffs.

“We have four guys right now that are locked in with Ynoa, Anderson, Fried and Morton, and we’ve had a ton of off days. We had the two off days a little while ago, then we had an off day again, we’ve had to move some things around in the rotation,” Anthopoulos said. “Touki had been throwing the ball well and then the last start was inconsistent and as off as I’ve seen him since he’d been back."

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Anthopoulus continued explaining about Toussaint's rough outing.

"Now hard to explain that it could have been Colorado, nobody other than Charlie really threw the ball great in Colorado," the Braves GM said. "His rotation spot and routine is a little bit thrown off, so I’ll be very curious to see how he does tonight, because he finally has had a normal side, not thrown out of the bullpen, knew he was gonna start and just being able to get in a routine. I’m hoping that we see the guy we saw earlier in the year when he came back.”

Anthopoulos spoke then about Drew Smyly.

“Drew had an up-and-down year for us," said Anthopoulos. "He had a really good stretch for us where when I see the broadcast when we're on the road I think we were 12-2 in his last 14 starts. I think he was 7-0 in terms of just his wins, so we’ve won a lot of his games and he obviously hasn’t throw the ball as well as he did last year. His velocity is not the same; hard to explain it but he’s certainly done everything that we’ve asked of him [when] he’s been able to take the ball.

"[Smyly's] been a big help in terms of being able to win games, but right now we’re going with the hot hand. So whether that’s in the outfield, whether that’s in the rotation, but with 20 games left every game counts. We’re gonna do everything we can to put ourselves in a position to win.”

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