Mets season is over if Edwin Diaz is done for year


Brandon Tierney isn’t high on the Mets if they won’t have Edwin Diaz for the season.

In fact, if Diaz’s knee injury suffered at the World Baseball Classic is indeed season-ending, BT says the Mets’ will also have suffered a season-ending blow.

“If that is as bad as it looked, the Mets’ season ended last night,” BT said. “The Mets can’t win the World Series without Edwin Diaz. They can’t.”

Tiki countered with recent World Series winners like the Dodgers and Astros as teams that didn’t have a superstar closer, while BT even added in the 2019 Nationals behind Sean Doolittle. But Diaz means much more to the Mets than just a lockdown closer role, one BT doesn’t think New York will be able to overcome.

“The reason why it’s different for this Mets team…Edwin Diaz is one of the three, four, or five most indispensable players on the New York sports scene,” BT said. “Edwin Diaz, in many ways, is the Mets’ aura.

“The energy, the trumpets, the entrance. He’s got this cult hero status that is undeniable. he’s so important to the Mets on the field and off the field.”

Featured Image Photo Credit: Al Bello | Getty Images