Was Price Too High for Braves on Lance Lynn?

The MLB Trade Deadline came and went without the Braves making a splashy move.

The Atlanta Braves didn’t make a huge move on Monday at the Major League Baseball trade deadline. They didn’t make a move at all, leaving their main addition a Sunday deal to bring on starting pitcher Tommy Milone.

It wasn’t for lack of conversation and due diligence, Braves general manager Alex Anthopoulos told Dukes & Bell Tuesday.

“We were able, no doubt,” the GM answered to a question about the Braves’ ability to make a trade on Monday. “We’re always able, right? It’s just a matter of, as a front office, do we think this is the right decision for the organization, do we agree in what we have to give up? That’s the same way when we’re trying to sign a player. At some point you set a number, you decide if you’re going to go over that. Like any other time we’re sitting there, we’re active, we’re having conversations and if there’s a deal we like we’ll do it."

When Mike Clevinger was dealt to the Padres, Braves Twitter exploded with the idea that the team should reach out to acquire Lance Lynn from the Texas Rangers. Lynn’s sitting with a 4-1 record and a 1.93 ERA and would make a stellar battery mate for Max Fried. While Anthopoulous wouldn’t comment on players that didn’t move, Dave O’Brien, who’s covered the Braves for many seasons offered up some insight as to why Atlanta and Texas didn’t agree on terms.

Anthopoulos said there were fewer sellers this year compared to trade deadlines of year’s past. He also said there were a lot more teams buying because of the expanded playoffs.

“The moves that we could’ve made, for us, would not have been good deals,” Anthopoulos said. He continued with an idea of what the Braves’ plan was on Monday and why no trades were made.

“Anyone who was potentially available, we absolutely got a price on,” the GM said. “Our job is to get prices, no matter what.

“It just came down to — and it’s no knock on anybody — we made the decision that the price for us, we didn’t think that made sense.”