Blank waited too long to make changes, now epic talent is being wasted


The Atlanta Falcons have really struggled to show any consistency in the year of 2020. To be honest, with everything going on right now, the Falcons are falling right in line with the myriad of issues that we have had to deal with as a society.

The Falcons, coming off of a loss against the Detroit Lions, just look all too familiar. Jon Chuckery has talked ad nauseam about when Arthur Blank should have gotten rid of Dan Quinn and Thomas Dimitroff. With Blank firing the co-team builders so early in the season, Chuckery thinks that Blank should have fired them after the 2019 season due to their horrible 1-7 start.

"We are wasting our best players this franchise may ever see," Chuckery said. It is extremely fair to question whether or not the Falcons should have hit the reset after the 2019 season.

The Falcons are at the bottom of the NFC South, and on pace to start 1-7 just like they did last year. Blank has never been an owner scared to make a move that needs to be made, but it's hard not to believe that he may have made the decision to fire Quinn and Dimitroff about seven games too late.