Falcons aren't 'looking to make any big-time trades,' report

Rich McKay, reportedly, doesn't want 'to blow up' Falcons' roster

The Atlanta Falcons have gone 2-1 since interim head coach Raheem Morris has taken over. When Morris took over, the consensus was to see if he could turn things around. But as we get closer to the trade deadline, you have to wonder whether or not the Falcons will be sellers before then.

The first names that come to mind when you think of a rebuild are Matt Ryan and Julio Jones. But you don't have to be a salary cap expert to understand that the ramifications would be too great to make those moves.

Tori McElhaney, of The Athletic, joined The Jon Chuckery Show to talk about whether those ideas are realistic or would they stand pat till after the season.

"He (Rich McKay) is not wanting to blow up this roster, he is not looking to making any big-time trades," McElhaney said.

It would be unfair to the next regime for those type of decisions to be made without their input. So don't be surprised if this team keeps two of the highest paid players on their roster past next week.