One NFL star that might want to follow Lamar Jackson to Atlanta


CBS Sports NFL analyst Bryant McFadden joined Dukes & Bell and talked about why Lamar Jackson’s production has dropped the last few seasons.

McFadden also talked about an NFL star that would be willing to follow Jackson to Atlanta.

“I actually had an opportunity where me and Pat were chopping it up and I’d like to say this right now while I’m on air,” McFadden said. “You know Pat is a free agent, he currently lives in Atlanta as well, and one thing he mentioned to me about, he was like ‘Mac you heard about this whole Lamar Jackson situation to Atlanta?’ I’m like yeah there are rumors here and there. Well he said, ‘You know what? I wouldn’t mind playing for the Falcons if they can pull that off.”

When asked about Jackson’s production since his MVP season.

“Injuries and they don’t have any pieces around him, let’s keep it real, right? If you were to rank the wide receivers in the AFC based on their teams, where would you rank the Ravens? Last, dead last," said McFadden. "It wouldn’t be in front of Cincy, it wouldn’t be in front of Pittsburgh even with George Pickens as a rookie, you still would take the Pittsburgh Steelers wide receivers in totality over Baltimore.

"And Cleveland with Amari Cooper, Peoples-Jones all of those guys. So when you look at the pieces, or the lack thereof, name me another quarterback that has been asked to do so much, to do more with less and being able to do so.”

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