Is John Collins a max contract player?

Nick Kayal explains why the Atlanta Hawks should wait until after the season to sign John Collins

To kick off hour two Nick Kayal opens up the discussion of whether or not John Collins is a max player, and whether or not the Atlanta Hawks should sign John Collins to a max contract or not. Nick starts off the discussion by calling John Collins' future with the Atlanta Hawks “complicated.”

Nick does say that he thinks that John is “a very good player”, but he follows that up by saying “but i’ve seen in the past where guys can get twenty and ten, when I was in Philadelphia seven, eight years ago I remember Michael Carter Williams putting up stats in his first two years because the reality is in the NBA somebody’s gotta drop buckets. I was like like look at Michael-Carter Williams twenty-seven and three alright, and you never really heard from him again after two or three years.Not saying that’s the case with John Collins, but now you have Gallinari, now you have a handful of other players on this team, is John Collins still a twenty and ten guy? Is he a max contract guy?

Nick’s biggest questions, which it’s safe to say these are probably everybody’s biggest questions including the Hawks’, are “ What does he do this year, does he continue putting up numbers now that there are other guys that are going to take away from him a little bit, what happens with Okongwu, how does he develop. What happens with Clint Capela?” It will be interesting to see what John Collins does this year with all the new bigs in Atlanta, but it’s also not just about the bigs it’s about the new play makers in Atlanta as well. With there being more mouths to feed in Atlanta scoring wise with Bogdan Bogdanovic, an increased role with Cam Reddish, Deandre Hunter, and Kevin Huerter, and of course Clint Capela and Danilo Gallinari, and we can’t forget about Trae Young. Nick is right about the Hawks should wait to see what Collins does this year before they even think about giving him a max contract because not only could Collins get lost in all the bigs the Hawks have now, but he could get lost in all the newly acquired talent the Hawks have period, and if he does then Collins is obviously not a max player.

On the flip side of all of that, if John Collins has a similar season that he had last year after coming back from suspension, averaging twenty plus points, ten plus rebounds, and shooting a little over forty percent from three point range, this season with all the talent on the Hawks roster now he’s definitely a max player. However, even if he doesn’t do that he still could possibly get the max because as Nick said during the show “ I think a lot of guys in this league get max deals that are not max players.”  What it really boils down to is how do the Hawks value John Collins? Do they see him as a franchise player to go along with Trae Young, do they see him as a really important piece of the puzzle, is he a piece the Hawks would like to keep at the right price, but at the end of the day he could be a tradable asset? Time will tell, but if John Collins truly is a max player he will prove it this year, and if he is a max player it will be a very special season and future for the Atlanta Hawks.