Is the Atlanta Hawks trading for Donovan Mitchell a no brainer?

Jon Chuckery explains why he would take Donovan Mitchell on the Hawks "All day long".

The Donovan Mitchell and Rudy Gobert relationship has appeared to be in limbo for at least a few years now, and it seems like both players have finally reached their boiling points with each other. On May 2nd Sean O’ Connell of SirusXM tweeted out that a source close to him informed him that Gobert is at the “him or me” stage with Donovan Mitchell and will demand that one of them be traded in the next few days, and doesn’t feel like he and Mitchell can win a championship together.

Now, eight days later reports have started to bubble that Donovan Mitchell may be interested in leaving the Utah Jazz. However, before we get too ahead of ourselves it must be noted that no big sources have come out with such reports, but according to a few reports the two teams that Donovan Mitchell is interested in are the Miami Heat and the Atlanta Hawks. If these reports are true, should the Atlanta Hawks trade for Donovan Mitchell? Jon Chuckery discussed this very topic on his show Tuesday night and called the decision a “no brainer”.

If Utah Jazz General Manager, Justin Zanik, is smart then he will do whatever he needs to do to keep Donovan Mitchell, including trade trade Rudy Gobert, which at this point seems like the most likely outcome, but what if the Zanik and the Jazz would rather have the shot blocking big-man and not the dynamic two-way guard? What if the situation has just gotten to the point where Donovan Mitchell wants to remove himself from the situation like the new reports suggest? If the Utah Jazz choose Rudy Gobert over Donovan Mitchell, or if Donovan wants out of Utah then Travis Schlenk and the Atlanta Hawks should be the first team on the phone with Utah Jazz General Manager Justin Zanik to see what kind of trade package it would take to get Donovan Mitchell in Atlanta. Donovan Mitchell would be the perfect backcourt partner for Trae Young. Mitchell is a shooting guard that can create his own shot off the dribble, shoot the deep ball, and oh yeah if the Hawks were able to land Mitchell they would be getting a 25 year old stud that has been an all-star the past three seasons averaging 24.0, 26.4 and 25.9 points per game. Trae Young and Donovan Mitchell could dominate the Eastern Conference for the next decade plus.

Now, all of that sounds great, but before we put Donovan Mitchell in an Atlanta Hawks uniform there are some things to think about that Jon Chuckery brought up tonight during his show. The first thing is do you have the money and assets to trade for Donovan Mitchell? Mitchell is just in year two of a five-year $163 million dollar deal he signed with the Jazz. Jon Chucky ensures the money won’t be the Hawks issue saying “They have players who make enough money, I’m not worried about the financial aspect of it because you absolutely between Gallinari, Bogi, John Collins, even Capela, you can put together a couple of players that absolutely meet all the money requirements and things like that, and the Hawks have two first round draft picks this year.” Obviously the Hawks would have to trade some valuable players to get Donovan, and that’s one of the main questions and concerns that Jon Chuckery has saying “I don’t know what it would take to get Donovan Mitchell, you know that probably starts costing you Bogi, probably John Collins, one or two draft picks, you know it’s going to take an impressive package. The question in the situation with Donovan Mitchell becomes do the Hawks have an attractive enough package.” The other question and concern Jon addressed is the size and defense a Trae Young and Donovan Mitchell backcourt would bring. Donovan Mitchell isn’t a very good defender and neither is Trae Young, and on top of that both players are smaller guards in height at 6’1. However Jon isn’t worried about anything of that saying “Yea small backcourt, yea defensive liability, I’ll take it though. Honestly, if I have two guys in my backcourt that you tell me are going to average fifty-five points per night, okay that’s a good starting point. Jon also says “You give me a guy to partner with Trae Young, where I got a twenty-nine point per game guy and a twenty-six point per game, one guy who can hand out nine or ten assists another guy who can hand out five to six assits I’ll figure everything else out. Jon also brings a good point in saying certain guys that are free agents aren’t really free agents, such as Zach LaVine. Zach LaVine and the Bulls had a great season, made it to the playoffs and did lose to the Bulls in the first round, but were dealing with major injuries including Lonzo Ball being out. Zach LaVine can be offered the most money by the Bulls since they have his bird rights, and he seems happy in his situation with a Bulls team that could be on the rise, and Chuckery agrees by facetiously saying “Zach LaVine isn’t a free agent.” Jon also says the Hawks may have to “broaden their horizons” when it comes to looking for a second star next to Trae, and looking for guys to bring in.

After what the Miami Heat did to Trae Young and the Atlanta Hawks in the first round of the NBA Playoffs this year, it’s quite clear the Hawks need a second star next to Trae Young. Now, Jon also realizes that isn’t the Hawks' only problem saying “Their gonna have to add some guys to help them defensively.” All in all though I’m with Chuck when he says this “You can tell me about the size, you can tell me about the defense, and I’m with you and I understand it, but to me if there is any fire to what some of this rumor and innuendo smoke has to it brother i’ll take Donovan Mitchell all day long.” If the Hawks have a chance at him they shouldn’t hesitate to be big players in the Donovan Mitchell sweepstakes this offseason.