Michael Wilbon: 'Trae Young is a revelation'


NBA on ESPN analyst Michael Wilbon joined Dukes & Bell to talk about the Hawks-Sixers series, and what does Michael think about Trae Young and what he’s been able to do in the playoffs thus far.

Wilbon talked about how Trae Young has changed some perceptions on him in the playoffs.

“I wasn’t waiting for anybody else to start with a mea-culpa on Trae Young, you could not convince me that Trae Young was the team, competitive equivalent of Luka Doncic and he is with a more mature attitude. I mean Luka’s immaturity cost that team, and they’ll be fine, he’s 22 years old, I’m not gonna go crazy,” Wilbon said “But Trae Young, I mean this kid’s a revelation to everybody except the people who scouted him and coached him.”

“The play we saw, we saw that in college, we saw snippets of it anyway, we saw enough of it. But man the showmanship which has to seduce teammates and free agents, and coaches, he’s got everything that you want it seems to me.”