Who is making the decisions in Hawks front office?


Atlanta Hawks owner Tony Ressler joined Dukes & Bell to talk about the team’s season to this point and the turmoil the team has went though and what his is son's involvement in the front office structure.

When asked about his son’s involvement in front office decision making.

“The simple answer is no, but more importantly, whoever, listen, I appreciate that if I don't speak publicly, other people can create stories for themselves or for others is a big business.  I have people in charge that I think are superb,” Ressler said. “I actually think my son is doing a fantastic job helping me understand or better understand both our business and basketball operations. But we have a GM and assistant GM, that's disrespectful to them for you to say that for however that has gotten created.  It's an untrue statement. It's actually unfair to the folks that are decision makers. And the good news is we have the most collaborative and communicative front office that we've ever had. So I guess I'm giving you a long winded answer. I'm saying no, it's not true.”

Ressler talked about there being no delegation in management of team.

“I've got partners, I've got owners, I've got other senior management. Please understand. You should accuse me and have every right of making bad decisions. But please don't accuse me of delegating the decision making. Uh that could happen at some point in the future and I promise you if it does and when it does, I'll tell you very clearly that I'm no longer in charge.”

Featured Image Photo Credit: © Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports