Atlanta United interviewed Gonzalo Pineda on Arthur Blank's yacht?


Atlanta United President Darren Eales joined Dukes & Bell to talk about the team’s hiring of Gonzalo Pineda and how the team interviewed Pineda on Arthur Blank's yacht in Alaska.

Eales talked about one of the more bizarre job interviews he’s ever been apart of.

“It was interesting, we were laughing on the way there because I joked that I hope Gonzalo won 20 MLS cups in 20 years for us because then if he ever got the Barcelona job he’ll never have an interview like that.” Eales said “Gustavus population four hundred and fifty seven in Alaska where we got picked up by the taxi driver who’s also the fireman who’s also the Mayor who dropped us off at the boat. Then on the boat we see Sea Otters, and then we saw a Humpback Whale and then Orca’s and Carlos is spouting his discovery channel knowledge looking at the Whales it was quite a bizarre set of events.”

“It goes to the importance of how important this coaching hire is, and also how important it was that Arthur met him as well. Steve Cannon, myself, Carlos to get that culture piece and to understand the person as well as the coach.”