Eales on recent article about United: "whole thing is clickbait"


Atlanta United president Darren Eales joined Dukes & Bell and talked about a recent article in the athletic about the inner workings of the organization, Technical director Carlos Bocanegra, Tata Martino and more.

Eales talked about the issues he had with the article.

“As you guys know the whole way through Tata always reported to me, that was always on the record, that was what was in the contract, so that totally did away with the whole point of the article with that basic fact. If Felipe would have just checked it with us before running it we could have told him about it,” Eales said. “The other point was that there’s a lot of noise about Bielsa chat that we had two years before we kicked the ball, again I had a quote on that but then Felipe buried in the second part of the article. Clearly we’re not going to hire a coach two years before we kick a ball, I’d basically just started.”

“So the whole thing is clickbait and look for me I take it as a positive, this is a sport that needs to grow in this country and get more attention. You know what it’s like in England, you couldn’t go to the supermarket without getting criticized by the paparazzi snapping that you chose the wrong breakfast cereal, so to be honest it’s a good thing to me.”