Boomer: Zach Wilson doesn't have what it takes to play in New York


The New York Jets have a quarterback problem. Aaron Rodgers is unlikely to play again this season despite reports that he wants to return in December. Third-year quarterback Zach Wilson has been written off more times than anyone wants to admit but he somehow has the Jets in the playoff race due to their stout defense.

WFAN’s Boomer Esiason gave his thoughts on Wilson and the Jets’ quarterback situation during his guest appearance on the Audacy original podcast “Amazin’ Conversations with Jay Horwitz” this week.

“They have a problem at quarterback,” Boomer said (4:15 in player above). “Zach Wilson was the second overall pick three years ago and just has not turned himself into a top-level quarterback who was drafted that high. We see the same mistakes that we’ve seen for the last three years.

“He’s 30 games into his career. You usually get a really good handle as to whether or not a kid has grasped the enormity of what he’s doing and able to process the field as quickly as you need to be.”

Wilson went 3-10 as a starter in 2021 with just nine touchdowns and 11 interceptions. He’s continued that trend of more turnovers than scores with 11 touchdowns and 13 interceptions over the past two seasons.

Rodgers was supposed to be the answer for the Jets. Instead, they’ve been stuck with Wilson yet again.

Boomer doesn’t think the youngster has what it takes to play in New York.

“You just wonder if Zach has what it takes, especially in this market, to become that quarterback. I don’t think he has that,” he said. “I think he needs to go somewhere else in a smaller market with a different offense, a different voice in his ear, and get out of this noise market of the NFL.”

It looked like Wilson’s time in New York was dwindling last season and that time may finally come to an end this offseason.

“There’s a lot of learning still yet to be done,” Boomer continued, “but I just don’t see the future for Zach Wilson being a part of the Jets after 2023.”

Featured Image Photo Credit: Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images